Best Way To Fix Besadmin Mapi Error

Last week, some of our users reported to us that they were experiencing a besadmin mapi error.

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    I’m using Exchange 2010 RTM Rollup with 4 BES Edition hosted 5.0.2

    The website panel appears to be working, but I suspect there is a problem with the besadmin permissions somewhere. I couldn’t get the basic PS Add-ADPermission command to work, but I had to physically set the permissions because the connection was refused.

    Here are the errors in the log event on the BES application server.

    Then the second error: MAPIMailbox OpenMSG – Saving error (0x8004022d), referencing then to MailboxDN path.

    The NTP.DAT file puts the concept in the inbox, but the BESAdmin server doesn’t handle the situation and doesn’t activate the account.

    This will tell BESAdmin that a non-user can establish their own connection to the mapi account to be added.

    In BES, the installation will definitely not continue until IAdded “Open List” permission to BESAdmin, for which the global tool “cn=all Address Lists” and its “CN=Default Global Address List” have been extended by the ADSI tool.

    Installation still warned me that the BESAdmin user might not be granting the correct Exchange read-only permission, but I thoughtthis may be due to disabling the list from addresses.I ran ps-only resolution multiple times.

    I configured and added all the rule controls to them according to the BES configuration instructions.RCAMaxConcurrency $null for default strategy.

    1. hello everyone


      Exchange 2007
      BES 4.1.6

      we are now having intermittent problems sending mail emails from BB devices. The error message pops up on bb “Error message not listed” after the person asks me to check everything including BESadmin privileges. All tests really pass. After doing more research, I came across error messages on the BES device that broadly match those on BB. Listed below are two event logs for each message that failed to forward. (Please write that I IT deleted the store and user’s email address

      .)Additional Information
      BES can talk to make sure you are successful trading, the ping time is usually less than 5ms. There isI

      besadmin mapi error

      successfully passed the iemstest.thing,

      The next thing I can personally think of is that maybe those particular 32 concurrent mapi connections come from the main BES admin, but I’m expecting an error on everything. events

      Logs below:

      Event Type: Warning
      Event Source: BlackBerry Messaging Agent Server Agent – 1
      Event category: none
      Event ID: 20097
      Date: 19.08.2008
      Time: 19:24:12

      User: N/A
      Computer: BES server
      User email address MAPIMailbox::ResolveNamesException MAPI – Handled

      Event Type: Warning
      Event Source: BlackBerry Messaging Agent BES Server Agent 1
      Category no
      Event ID: events: 20000
      Date: 08/19/19:23:54
      User: 2008
      time: no data

      Calculator: BES Server
      Error sending user’s email address Send(): ERR_FAIL, Tag=339872

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      Any help would be appreciated, it’s annoying that this happens mostly 5% of the time, but BES and BB are definitely fine.

      Best regards

      21/08/08 06:35

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      SouthernCanucks Avatar

      based on

      fixing the error named , I would check your exchange server and global catalog servers for an nspi error.


      08-25-08 pm


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    just upgraded from version 4.1.5 to version 4.1.6, contact us for an update. Only after the upgrade and contacts are the tasks finally moved.
    After the update (not everyone) can’t check their email. Everything else is fine, it works, only the letters are not sent. I encountered a problem described in Blackberry Support KB13157

    besadmin mapi error

    40700] (05/10 08:32:05.411):0x2514 [email protected] Received packet size=359, from device, TransactionId=-125876270, tag=10343138, ContentType=CMIME, cmd=0x3
    [30112] (05/10 08:32:05.411):0x2514 [email protected] received procedure message, RefId=61937140, TransactionId=-125876270
    [40291] tag=10343138, (05/10 08:32:05.411):0x2514 [email protected] Related to Original=-61687455
    [20265] message, refid (05/10 08:32:05.818):0x2514 [email protected]::Send(ppMAPIMessage) SubmitMessage com (0x80004005) – failed
    [20000] (10.05 08:32:07.755):0x2514 [email protected] Error sending(): ERR_SUBMIT_MAIL, (10.05 tag=10343138
    [40277] 08:32:07.755):0x2514 [email protected] Failed to send messageon warning device 61937140
    [40583] 08:32:07 (05/10.755):0x2514 [email protected] com Sent Device, Size=45, Tag=3253538, TransactionId=-968922336

    You say that you need to restart the Blackberry Manager which is not working, otherwise install this specific Microsoft patch article 929439.
    After updating to fix one issue and have another, I’m still a little nervous about the fix, but I also thought I should let your company know.

    23/08/ 09 16:19

  • Sorry for answering an unattractive topic, but I have an actual problem, except I’ll leave it on exchange from 2003. Exactly the same error occurs when writing a device from a message. All functions work alternately. Below are the troubleshooting steps I followed. tested
    Device Permissions Removed, BES User Affected, Operator Added, Device Enabled. Fix
    appliesServer restarted

    Services 4.1.6, o But the device is running 4 8820.5.OS, 110 – the second device is 8300, le is monitored by

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