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    Sometimes your system may give an error stating ole/com or a file name error. This problem can have many causes.

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    What causes OLE/COM or Trados music filename errors?

    due to an ole/com or file name error

    Movie poster: in Chopra_2002

    Local time: 21:36
    (2008 Membership)
    English Hindi to
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    size June 11, 2009

    I am your new user

    (version trados 7.Win 0, xp, ms office 2003). When I try to clean up a multilingual Word file, I get the following message in my workspace:

    Error – 50202 Word cannot convert the document due to an OLE/COM or filename error.

    When I even changed the name of the file, the problem remained. How should I fix this because
    I want to clear the file on the path to my memory transfers.




    Michel GOBERT from Spain
    Time 17:06 local time time:
    English for Members (2008French )
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    aria-hidden=”true” < a name="1144589"> ” change sheets” June 2009


    the first thing I do is definitely this “bedding change”, ie. I open an empty document declaration and insert the contents of your own document into it. Then save this task in RTF format and give it a simple name like test.rtf. Perhaps /will/could/could/could solve the problem.

    If not, take a look at your own log file. Sometimes the runtime error messages don’t match what they mean. …. anything.

    If you



    First, I’ll manage the sheets”, “edit i.e. open the document word and paste the contents of your document into it. Then save it as rtf And give it a simple name, better Test just .rtf. Might/would/might fix the problem.

    no, if you look at file check in. Sometimes Workbench error messages from notmean what they seem. It could be anyone who left your log file open, even if it’s on an external or offline drive…whatever.

    If that doesn’t work, users should make sure everything works. It could be an empty segment, and it could be a segment containing a “special” type like “?”, “*” “/”… If you find a single one, just enter the character most commonly associated with the segment and delete the segment all.

    Resolve Common PC Errors

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    If this doesn’t work you often, you can at least manually clean up the file in perfect condition. Go to Select in tools/macro/macro, tw4winClean.Main and hit Run. However, if you want it to clean up your file, your RAM will not increase. At the very least, you can send a complete clean package to your customer. Check first, there are no more common codes left. Do a text search in.

    Hope this helps.


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    Agenor Hofmann-Delbor
    Local time:
    17:06 English > Polish


    . .12. June .2009 . .

    .This .might .be .obvious .(sorry!), .but .are you .sure you .closed the .bilingual .file .before .cleaning .in .Workbench .Translator ?







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    . .chopra_2002 . .BUT . .
    India .
    Local time: 0.21:36 .
    .Member . (2008)
    .English.this help.Hindi.


    color=” #000000″ 12 size=”2″> June 2009


    I closed the file file to clear it first.

    due to an ole/com or file name error

    Agenor wrote:

    Hoffmann-Delbor may be obvious (sorry!), but unfortunately you are bound to read the entire bilingual file. before running Clean during Translator’s Workbench?

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    Local time: 21:36
    Member (2008)
    English to
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