Tips For Troubleshooting Exchange Error 5039

If you have exchange Error 5039 on your system, this blog post should help you fix it.

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    Event ID 5039
    Source Microsoft -Windows-WAS
    Description The plan serving application pool ‘%1’ reported a serious error. The process receives “%2”. The data field about contains the error total.On
    Event Information According to Microsoft:
    This event is logged when the executing process, an application pool, reports an error has .
    diagnose Solution:
    Workflow failure.
    Possible solutions include:
    Solutions Use the debug diagnostic tool to determine the general cause of the failure.
    Examine the log details of the target. an event for a set of errors, which can provide additional information about the cause of the error. The error number is different from the event ID.
    Use the debug diagnostic tool.
    How to use each diagnostic debug tool:
    You are reading the article How to use the diagnostic debug tool to troubleshoot IIS unexpectedly stopping problems.
    To perform some of the following procedures, you must be an active administrator, and you dolValid credentials must be provided.
    Check the event message details for multiple errors.
    To check the event log message details for an error number, you can provide information: Optional
    1.In the viewer, you events, you can view the events you received.
    2.Click on the “All Details” tab, then click “View”.
    3. If a specific error number is accessed, the binary words “File Data”: should appear.< br> 4. Below in Words, notice a few colons after the number. Error number
    To learn more about ei To find a specific error number:
    1. Download the Err.Se exe utility, found frequently on the Microsoft Exchange Server Error Code Search page.
    2. Open a command window with elevated privileges. . Click , run “All Program Status”, click , accessories, right-click “Command Prompt” and select “Run as administrator”.
    3. Apply the command, navigate to the directory where you downloaded Err.exe.
    4.Enter the error number toget more information about the error.
    5. The ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED error will be fixed, so the next step is to look for a read/write problem.

    Check: To do this, you must have your own administrator status, or you may need to delegate the necessary powers . To
    check if another application pool is running:
    1.Click Start, then Control Panel, Tools, then Administrative Tools.
    2.Right Click Tool Manager Internet Services (IIS)” and run ab defined by the administrator as .
    3.In the login area, you maximize the server node pools and application options.
    4.In the features view, the application pool state order starts when the product starts pool.

    Reference links Event ID Microsoft-Windows-WAS 5039

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