How To Fix Lexmark Error 843

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    Last week some of our users reported lexmark error 843.

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  • Code: 843.00
  • Description: The home position of the scanner flatbed carriage is not recognized by the home position (position of the flatbed sensor reader).
  • Remedy: Step 1 Check if the connection between the ADF and the flatbed scanner is working. Is the link above linked correctly? Go to step 2. When replacing, you will see a connection. Step 2. Check the original scanner sensor assembly (flat-lay) item for wear or looseness. Is the detector properly attached at the top or is it not damaged? Go to step 3. Return the coin or sensor to the (original position of the flatbed scanner family). Step 3 Verify that the new scanner works correctly (home position of the flatbed touch scanner). Enter the diagnostic menu. b Pressthose SCANNER CHECKS du. Touch sensor with tests. d See “Sensor scanner interior (lower bed position)”. Does the indication on the user panel change every time the stink sensor area is higher or broken blocked? Go to task 5. Go to step 4. Step 4 Verify that the (original flatbed drive position sensor) is properly connected. Attach the sensor again (home position of the flatbed). Replace the connection. Check the boosted flatbed motor for proper operation. Enter the diagnostic menu. b Press MOTORTESTS.C Press Algorithm drive Dish to. d Run the test. Does Motor Go work more correctly? walk. Go to step 6. Step 9 Make sure the flatbed scanner engine is properly connected. Is the above item connected correctly? Replace the side feed ADF unit after finishing. Replace main connector. Step 7 Place the unmodified document on the flatbed scanner and also run a scanner test. Does the problem persist with frequent swapping? Disconnect the controller from the protection board See tablet. “Removing the Tablet Screen nera” from the printed circuit board. The problem has been resolved.
    Step 8 Place an undamaged document on the flatbed scanner and perform a scanner test. Does the existence persist? Problem Replace some ADF controller card. See supervised “Adf Withdrawal Card”. Problem solved.
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  • 27.09.2016#1

    X734 Error Scanner Codes 843.00 And 842.02

    I don’t quite understand how Lex does it this way. The client who said they brought the car to the new office in the car “very carefully” when these computers turn it on, they get a message scanner. I tried to carryHow many things in the service manual by disabling and then enabling the scanner lock mode in the settings. Unlocked scanner lock glass is. I didn’t have time to take it apart to scan it. It doesn’t look like it’s finally about optical digitization under glass.

    Resolve Common PC Errors

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    Something pretty typical with these latest scanner codes?

    Thank you advance

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  • 27.09.2016#2

    Re: Error Codes 843 Scanner.00 And 842.02

    Maybe something moved in there when they were moving it, and that’s why the scanner can’t do its job or something. I think I’m going to open or access this scanner.

  • 04.10.2016#3

    lexmark error 843

    senior technicianMore publications
    X734de scanner error codes 843.00 and 842.02

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    : Promo Codes For Scanner Errors 843.00 And 842.02

    Under the glass of a wine glass, look inward at the drive scanner of the slimming belt (toward the front of the machine) and find out if there is any tension (should be tight if tight), slack, or something like the belt’s slack in. probably, the side from which the warm season comes is torn against the figured surface. I replaced two about a dozen of these belts, 2 on one machine. Part number
    lexmark error 843


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