Best Way To Fix Vtiger Client Portal Login Error

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    In some cases, your system may display an error code indicating an unsuccessful login to the vtiger client portal. There can be several reasons for this problem.

    Resolve Common PC Errors

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    HTTP Error: No data after existing vtiger php7 HTTP header

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    vtiger customer portal login error

    In this article, my husband and I will learn how to fix the special error “HTTP Error: No data after existing HTTP headers” on the login page of the Vtiger Patron portal. Vtiger CRM is generally an open source CRM that allows support, sales and marketing teams to organize and work together to dramatically improve the customer experience and potential customers. There is a special module on the Vtiger CRM client portal, whichallows businesses to interact with their customers. Clients can view the status of the job, manage it, keep track of the current job, and much more.

    vtiger customer portal login error

    We are using vTiger 5-4.version 0 which is an old adaptation of vTiger. When we upgrade our PHP 5. version to PHP client 7 version 4, the portal does not work. It correctly displays the data present after the HTTP headers on the login screen into the system.

    Error getting method when debugging CustomerAuthenticate.php:

    Error Error: message

    http without Post-data headers


    2017-10-02 10:30:24 http.Soap_transport_http:684337 HTTP: POST request /sistema/vtigerservice.php?service=customerportal HTTP/1.02017-10-02 10:30:24.HTTP Soap_transport_http:684343 Header: Host: greenfact.mx2017-10-02 10:30:24.Soap_transport_http:684347 HTTP header: User NuSOAP Agent/0:.9.5 (1.123)2017-10-02 10:30:24.HTTP 684352 Tags type soap_transport_http:h2: content: text/xml; Encoding=UTF-82017-10-02 10:30:24.684356 HTTP: soap_transport_http: header "http://greenfact"2017-10-02 10:30:24.Soap_transport_http: 684360 HTTP headers: Content length: 6472017-10-02 10:30:24.684421 soap_transport_http: Records socket data length, implies 8712017-10-02 10:30:24.Soap_transport_http: read 955860 bytes of string: more than 36 HTTP/1.IntLate server error 1500 10:30:242017-10-02.955903 soap_transport_http: From string read Bytes: 37 Date: Mon 02 Oct 2017 16:30:24 GMT2017-10-02 10:30:24.Soap_transport_http: Range 955912 Read 16 bytes: Server: Apache2017-10-02 10:30:24.955918 soap_transport_http: 29 byte read string: Content-Length: 10:30:24 02017-10-02.Soap_transport_http: 955924 19 byte read order: Connection: Closed2017-10-02 10:30:24.955930 include string soap_transport_http: with 44 bytes: content-type: text/html; Encoding=UTF-82017-10-02 10:30:24.Soap_transport_http: Evaluate 955936 row since 10:30:24 2 bytes:2017-10-02.956002 soap_transport_http: bought end headers 10:30:24 after part 1692017-10-02.956030 soap_transport_http: read content 02017-10-02 with length 10:30:24.956043 soap_transport_http: if you need 10:30:24 eof2017-10-02 read.956048 soap_transport_http length: main search 02017-10-02 10:30:24.956054 soap_transport_http: total 169 bytes found related to server data 10:30:242017-10-02.956116 soap_transport_http: closed stub2017-10-02 10:30:24.956135 No soap_transport_http: Content-Encoding2017-10-02 header 10:30:24.956141 soap_transport_http: no header proof!2017-10-02 After 10:30:24.Soap_transport_http:956149 end set send()02 10 wed.2017 10:30:24.956180 nusoap_client: Error: HTTP error: No bandwidth available after HTTPs

    Solution For Data Headers Only, For Those Missing After HTTP Headers

    In the client portal, we retrieve files from APIs using SOAP. The Nusoap vtiger client portal libraries are used for data retrieval. Vtiger version 5.4 works with Nusoap version (0.7.2). The version of nusoap Covered vtiger (0.7.2) has some shortcomings or incompatibility with PHP rendering. After downloading the latest available version (0 nusoap.9.6) and replacing the current version with this one (see installation directory library/nusoap) vtiger everything worked fine.< /p>