Best Way To Remove Xfs_log_force 5 Error Returning Iscsi

Over the past few days, some readers have come across a known bug that caused xfs_log_force to return error 5 iscsi. This problem can occur for several reasons. Let’s find out about them below.

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    Here XFS encountered errors and I/O errors while trying to write data, confirms that the problem is with the underlying garden devices or disks. We need to check if there is any difference with the underlying storage devices and if we need to fix the XFS file system by doing the following steps.

    kernel: XFS (dm-0): corruption detected. Unmount and manage xfs_repairKernel: XFS: with (dm-0) name xfs_do_force_shutdown(0x8) from line 1369 of fs/xfs/xfs_buf.c. sender address XFS = (dm-0): 0xffffffffa01efd4ckernel: data corruption detected in memory. Reduce filesystem unmount timeKernel: (dm-0): xfs Unmount all filesystems and fix the problem.Kernel: Xfs (dm-0): xfs_log_force: 5 errors returned.Kernel: Xfs (dm-0): xfs_log_force: 5 errors returned.Kernel: Xfs (dm-0): xfs_log_force: 5 errors returned.Kernel: Xfs (dm-0): xfs_log_force: 5 errors returned.Kernel: Xfs (dm-0): xfs_log_force: 5 errors returned.Kernel: Xfs (dm-0): xfs_log_force: 5 errors returned.Kernel: Xfs (dm-0): xfs_log_force: 5 errors returned.Kernel: Xfs (dm-0): xfs_log_force: 5 errors returned.

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    I have a great new large iSCSI device, about 17 TB, I createdexcellent XFS file system on Des level tracker. I’m having trouble connecting to my device and can delete files with a tap without any problems.

    I start my application and after about 5-10 minutes I see entries in /var/log/messages
    [code] 21 next. Nov Kernel: 08:11:06 cub34286blm001 filesystem ‘sda’: xfs_log_force: 20 errors returned.
    Nov 15 08:11:08 Server001 iscsid: conn 0 Connection refused: Initiator failed because no target was found (Feb 03)
    Nov 15 at 08:11:35 Server001 Last post repeated multiple times
    Nov 08:11:36 15 Core Server001: filesystem Xfs_log_force: ‘sda’: error 5 returned.
    Nov 14 Server001 08:11:38 iscsid: conn 0 Network connection refused: Internet initiator error – jobs not found (03.02)1 5.Nov 08:11:40 connection kernel1:0:server001: Encountered a connection error in judgment (1011)1 Nov 5 08:11:41 Server001 kernel iscsid: iSCSI 1:0 connection error (1011) express(2)
    1 Nov 5 08:11:44 Iscsid: server001 connection1:0 definitely works after restore (10 retries)
    1 Nov 5 or later 08:12:06 Server001 Kernel: Xfs_log_force file system: ‘sda’: Error returned 5.[/code]

    xfs_log_force error 5 returned iscsi

    It just reports iSCSI related errors, dot but mount.It starts throwing the following error when I try to write/read data to/from AFTER this error CON_ESL1]#:
    [code][[email protected]
    ls: Examine the file. : I/O error attached device[/code]

    wall on the boat no problem. Here are the config files for myself:
    [code][[email protected] cable decoder,3260,1]#pwd
    [[email protected],3260,1]#Tiger default
    #BEGINNING 2 entry.0-871 matches
    node.tpgt = 1
    iface.iscsi_ifacename means default
    node.discovery_port is 3260
    node.session.initial_login_retry_max is 8
    node.session.queue_depth is 32
    node.session.err_timeo.abort_timeout means 15
    node.session.iscsi.FirstBurstLength is 262144
    node.session.iscsi.DefaultTime2Wait is 2
    node.session.iscsi.ERL is 0
    node.conn[0].address =
    node.conn[0].startup implies manual
    node.conn[0].timeo.logout_timeout is 15
    node.conn[0].timeo.noop_out_interval is 5
    [[email protected],3260,1]#[/code]

    The device never fails, the entire network between them is really reliable, I contacted this connection via SSH when the error occurred and did not notice any failures. switch The ports are not faulty. I think I traced this back to something with the idea that the filesystem actually handles the mounted iSCSI…

    Here is some information about the edition. Do I need one to be reliable. We’ll be done with the NFS export structure in a month or terribly, I’ll have to wait until then because of iSCSI.
    [code][[email protected] /]# uname -r
    [[email protected] /]# yum *xfs* suggests *iscsi*
    Uploaded by Fastmirror
    Loading plugins: mirror speeds directly from the hosts file
    Cacheaddons: *
    * Root:
    * Tools:
    Installed Packages
    iscsi-initiator-utils.x86_64 installed
    Installed kmod-xfs.x86_64 0.4-2
    Installed kmod-xfs-xen.x86_64 0.4-2

    xfs_log_force error 5 returned iscsi

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